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+  ...Adkjsjkfls. Okay, okay. Now what? Upgrade the account to paid, upload icons, find an appropriate journal layout (no, you can't re-use the same one, don't be lame), put in an HMD, and then...something.

+  Oh, and GET YOUR ASS MOVING ON THOSE LOGS! D:< Chop chop!

+  Also, no no no, you've held strong this long, you can wait for a high quality DVD rip with subtitles. Don't give in! The awesome will be greater by several orders of magnitude if you wait, I promise! Willpower! WILLPOWER!! And don't look at this week's chapter spoilers, either! Spoilers are anathema!

+  And ONE MOOOORE THING. Don't forget to do your kanji, moron. They always take longer than you anticipate, and hand-cramps are not fun. Repeat after me: NOT FUN.

It was raining while sunny again today. I would've been more appreciative of the effect if I'd remembered to bring my umbrella with me, but, y'know. Sunshine. The thought, it did not occur.

Which reminds me, I wanted to make a weather-and-natural-phenomena-related list.

Have Experienced
1. Rain while sunny -  (The first time I was in elementary school and we were at a fancy tennis club for a tournament; I remember thinking it was SOOO COOL)
2. Hail -  (rather big hail, in southern CA, more than once; I still can't get over how weird and awesome that was)
3. Snow -  (light, rather pathetic flurries, once or twice. Not enough by a long shot for a proper snowman or snow angel)
4. Earthquake(s) - (I feel terrible because of how often recently these have been major, life-shattering disasters, but all the ones I've been in have just been kind of...fun. Like a rollercoaster, but on the ground! orz Hopefully it'll stay that way.)
5. Thunder & lightning storms - (I loooove these, the flash, the rush, the CRACK-BOOM~! Also --> blackouts, which. Not so fun.)
6. Flooding - (Well. Not on a disaster-level. And again with the feeling bad because our house now is on a flood-proof hill and I was too young to really remember the time our old house flooded, so all I've got are the positive experiences of a young-ish bystander going WHOA COOL LOOK AT ALL THAT WATER, it's like our car is a boat and the streets are rivers, wheeee)

Want to See/Experience
1. Volcano & moving magma -  (Hawaiiii. I will get there someday.)
2. Snow -  (heavy; yes, I have heard extensively about its perils and inconveniences and seen some truly impressive pictures (hi there Maxie!), which is why I don't want to live in a place with regular heavy snowfall, but dammit I want my snowmen and snow angels and snow fortresses and snowball fights! At least once!)
3. Aurora - (do I even need to justify this? I'm thinking Alaska. Oh, my dream travel plans, will they ever see fruition?)
4. Geyser - (want to visit Yellowstone anyway, how convenient)

Possibly Want to See/Experience Sometime, From a Safe Distance
1. Tornado -  (...okay, I can't really justify this one, it's my suppressed adrenaline junky, the one that desperately wants to go sky-diving and hang-gliding and bungee-jumping even though she knows very well how damn dangerous it is and will probably never, dammit)

DNW, at all
1. Hurricane - (Well...duh. :| Who would want to be in a hurricane?)
2. Tsunami - (These kind of terrify me. My cousin and her husband were caught right up in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami when they were vacationing on this tiny island (they were working in Japan), and they were ripped apart and bashed against things and swept into a building and ended up on the second floor, and it's a miracle they survived and it was all just awful. :( Really, really DNW)

I was thinking about adding things like glaciers, coral reefs, caves, etc., to this list, but decided to keep it to weather...ish...things because otherwise it would get too long. (Shhhh, I know geyser shouldn't really be on there. >.>)

Anybody else want to share what they've seen/want to see/etc.?


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