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Vil—while on exams hiatus!—drew a short MallowMateys Straw Hat doujin featuring Michiko and Zoro that I've been meaning to flail about for days. I will also take this opportunity to flail about Zoro+Michiko in general, as a warning, haha.

I got permission to post the doujin here, too, in order to better facilitate flailing. And also so I can just have it on here forever. :D It's read right-to-left, Japanese-style. (...Vil is the person who plays Michiko, btw, haha)

Strawhats 1
Strawhats 2
Strawhats 3
Strawhats 4
Strawhats 5

Aaaahh, Michiko is so damn cute. *__* And crazy. And gorgeous strong-willed wild badass-awesome. And basically she fits in with the Straw Hats perfectly, lmfao. If anyone feels like watching a fairly short, beautifully animated, hilarious, and wonderful anime, I recommend picking up her source canon, Michiko to Hatchin. It's by the same folks as produced Samurai Champloo, if that helps sell anyone.

And like I said in shipshape, the interaction here is so in-character, when I read it I was like holy crap, did we log this scene at some point and I just forgot about it or something?! Of course Zoro would refuse, and tell her put on some more clothes. Of course she would just forget about the camera in the middle of an argument and drop it. And the little call-backs to threads and the ENDING and just, ♥.

Zoro and Michiko's bff-itude is one of my very favorite things I've ever stumbled into in RP, partly because, at least from my perspective, it came way out of left field. Zoro's so reserved most of the time, and focused, I really wasn't expecting him to make a connection like that outside of the original crew, much less the way they just clicked from the first time they yelled at each other XD. It helped that she became nakama, obviously, but even before that she could startle him into laughing in a kind of spewing-out-coffee and getting-a-belly-ache-ow-ow-stoppit way, as so few people are capable of doing, (oh god their conversation about natural hair color still makes me die laughing), and also her straightforward, tit-for-tat, don't-be-stupid,-alga attitude (a good match for his, haha) meant he was oddly comfortable from the get-go talking to her about all sorts of things he normally wouldn't, even serious things, or embarrassing things, without feeling all that weird about it. Not to mention that they're both morons and get into the most hilarious trouble and butt heads amusingly.

In some ways their relationship reminds me of Zoro and Luffy's, really. Basically she's one of his favorite people ever, not that he'd ever tell her that—but I'm sure she knows anyway—and it's amazing fun to play, and now I have this doujin to keep forever \o/!!

And then of course there's the end with everyone else—well, not everyone, the people Michiko is most connected to—and yaaaaay for Sanji being a complete derp and Vivi (\o/ kidnapping her was one of my other favorite things, lol) and the little UsoppxGeorge bit is adorable XD. HURRAH FOR NAKAMA, and HURRAH FOR FAN-DOUJIN.

In other news, the countdown to graduation is eating me—OH GOD, THE ESSAYS, THE ESSAYS—and I miss RPing. orz I've been threading a little with Sanji and Usopp at MM in free moments, because it's easy-going commentspam about kittens and I suck at going completely cold-turkey, but otherwise the hiatus blackout is pretty total. Which. ;_;

There's a really good 'new' (apparently he was at some other game before?) Zoro at d_m lately, slkjdf, he's fun to read and it's always great to see another person around who seems to get Zoro really well. It both inspires me and makes me want to re-read canon to get mine as close as possible, haha, and then I get antsy and remember OWAIT I'M ON HIATUS ANYWAY, I can't play him around and I don't have the time, besides. :| GOD SCHOOL, BE OVER ALREADY. Anyway, I hope that Zoro finds a game, he's completely stalk-worthy. And the Zoro at Discedo dropped recently, too, so I need more stalk-able marimos.

In other other news, OP 587!!! That was totally Kuma in the background of that one shot with Dragon!! I mean, we knew from Iva that he was with the Revolutionaries, but still...! And Sabo sailing away, awww, I haven't gotten 100% attached to the little fellow, but I do like him a lot. :) But most importantly--!!! Ace!! Haoshoku haki!! Ten years old!!! *_____* And to protect Luffy, just when he's about to be stabbed and killed, too, oh god, it's like the mirror image of when Luffy does the same thing for him years and years later--!!! And also the tableau of his stubborn, gritty face and stubborn, gritty stance against the backdrop of raging fire, not going to run away—man, that's really deeply ingrained in his personality. So we have four instances of him pulling that now, this one in addition to when he fought against Jimbei, Whitebeard, and finally Akainu, where it cost him his life.


O-okay, one of these days I'll remember not to think about that too hard. A-anyway, little Luffy so determined to stay there too, getting pulled away, and Dadan, man, I knew there had to be a reason why Ace didn't seem pissed at her for being fucking awful years later.

There's interesting stuff in these chapters, and I'm enjoying them as an unashamed Ace fangirl, but I also agree with the general sentiment of Where Are The Straw Hats I Want Straw Hats Aaaaaaaargh. It's really been—way, way too long.

On that note, however, I guess the anime is back to doing more with the separation arc, now. 8DD I fell out of the habit of watching sometime during Impel Down, but ohhhhh god, Kamabakka Island, okamafied Sanji~!! SO HAVE TO WATCH THAT, it already looks fucking epic. (The eyeshadow! The lipstick! The ruffles! The frilly knickers afjksl HAHAHAHA)

Aaaand noooowww for sleep *headdesk* This incoherency has been brought to you by Procrastination, Inc., with support from our friends at the Insomnia Company.
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