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Eh-hem. The occasion? Thanks to my grandparents, I now have a Barnes and Noble Nook eReader.

Hnnnnnghgksljfkdslkff EEEEEEEEEEEE BOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKS I can carry up to 1500 books in my purse/messenger bag ohgod it's so beautiful and intuitive and shinyyyyy except not shiny because it uses eInk and looks just like a normal book page, not like a back-lit computer screen so it doesn't strain the eyes and it can borrow ebooks from libraries and participate in lending and there's chess and sudoku and I just got His Majesty's Dragon as the 'free book of the week' and I'd been planning to buy it anyway and also Pride and Prejudice came bundled with it and I've always meant to read it and now it's MINE it's all MINE AAAAAAHHHHHHH

I was seriously breaking into random little spazzy dances and high-pitched noises on the way home from the store. *_________* Holy shit I've been drooling over the idea of an eReader since...before the technology was even developed, but I never thought I'd actually have one, they've been so be-damned expensive! And with the super-convenient price-competition with the Amazon Kindle they just had yesterday, it's way more affordable than ever! \o/!!!!!!

Now to USE IT and fiiiiinally read the newest Dresden Files! \o/!!!! ...Tomorrow. Because I'm now required to adhere to a 'normal' sleep schedule and also my family has been monopolizing my time. ;_;

Speaking of, I was trapped watching Slumdog Millionaire with them this evening. I don't say 'trapped' because it was bad; I'd never seen it before and I knew that I'd like it, but I just didn't want to tonight because I haven't been able to get online since this morning >>

Well. IT WAS AWESOME. XD I'm really glad I finally got around to seeing it. Even if it weren't amazing in so many other ways, it would have been worth watching to see how greeeen my Dad went at that first scene with the outhouse. You know the one. With the poop. /dies laughing

Plus, happy ending! Aaahh, nothing makes me happier than a good...happy ending! A fact about which I'm extremely, extremely obvious. Gee, I wonder how my family knew I'd like this movie? >>

Also, my mom has never read any Shakespeare in her life and recently expressed regret about this, as well as confessing to being unable to understand the old-fashioned language. So, being an unrepentant Bibliophile and also a complete sucker for acting things out as well as an advocate of the idea that hearing Shakespeare read aloud by someone with the proper nuances (if you can't see it in its original form as theater) makes it easier to understand, I promptly volunteered to read some of them to her this summer and suggested we get copies with a 'modern' translation alongside. Which! We also did today at Barnes and Noble, so we'll be starting that soon! I'm rather looking forward to it, really, should be fun!

I hope to be in San Diego this weekend visiting friends, but haven't heard back from those friends as of yet so it's still up in the air. :|a

Also, less happily, my RP drive is deep in the pits for various reasons and I'm not sure what to do about it. I have a thousand things to catch up on and people to respond to, what must be 15-20 threads or something, with more posts that I ought to be responding to all the time, and every day that I'm unable because of busy-ness—or lack of motivation—to vigorously tag and get completely up to speed and ahead of the game it just gets worse.

Part of the problem is certainly that I'm at home right now, and therefore much less able than at school to set my own schedule or just find hours on end to spend online, with no people bothering me for it or being heavily disapproving or otherwise getting interrupted. And I'm complete crap at tagging unless I'm able to devote my full attention to it. Blergh. Gotta find a way to fix it and balance things better, this is unacceptable.
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