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I've only ever been a casual fan of the Final Fantasy series, being introduced to them through the Kingdom Hearts fandom and the Advent Children movie. Neither of which have much of the character Zack; he only has a few cameos in AC, so I didn't even really know who he was for the longest time, and thought of him as just another side character. I thought, OK, coolest, most iconic characters are Sephiroth and Cloud, and Vincent, some interesting character dynamics, and then just kind of wandered away from the series.

Well, that's certainly changed. Since watching the FFVII Crisis Core movies online, reading up on the mythology of the original series, re-watching Advent Children, and delving into the FFVII fandom, I've pretty well fallen completely in love with Zack Fair. It's driving me kind of to distraction, really. I randomly stumbled across his CC death scene in Japanese with English subs on Youtube, and man, did that thing sucker-punch me hard, completely out of nowhere. I watched it several times and was a blubbering idiot every time.

Going through and being properly introduced to him through the whole run of the CC movies just made the bittersweet love that much sharper. God, what an awesome, adorable, dorky, profound, and heroic guy! It made me love Cloud and Sephiroth ten times more just through their character interactions with him; Aerith, too! It kills me that he died (no pun intended) and in my obsessive devouring of FFVII fic during this time I have a definite tendency toward Zack-fixits, or just happy-fics where Zack has a prominent part.

I think my OTP for the series is probably Zack/Sephiroth; I love how Zack's indomitable spirit, humor, and caring can humanize Seph, how much Seph probably values Zack's perspective and friendship. Of course, I love Zack/Cloud, too, and my OT3 is Sepiroth/Zack/Cloud; I think I might actually like this more than just the two on their own >:3. After that of course my OT4 (and when do I ever glom on to multiples as my favorite in fandoms?! Never!) is Seph/Zack/Cloud/Aerith, because Aerith just fits perfectly in that little band, and Zack/Aerith and Cloud/Aerith are adorable love as well. It's like that icon floating around, where it goes "Blond Chocobo-Hair: Antisocial (Cloud), Black Chocobo-Hair: Highly Social (Zack), Long Silver Hair: Antisocial (Sephiroth), Long Brown Hair: Highly Social (Aerith) = the perfect OT4!" ...or something like that.

But uuuuu (cries) I think I'm nearly out of Zack-fic on the net, there is not enough, waaahhhh! I've got pretty much everything tagged on my del.icio.us account, but it's too soon to start re-reading. ;_;

Gah, I have soooo much other crap I need to be doing....But Zaaaaack....

...Need Zack icons. Or just FFVII icons in general. >:(

And gasp, there is nothing in my moodtheme to properly express "infatuated" or "in love"! I am very much let down!


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