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Ah, thank you so much for the gift, [livejournal.com profile] fashi0n_mistake!!

...I just typed out this HUUUUGE, point by point reaction post to One Piece Chapter 0, and this week's White Collar, and Glee, and then accidentally went to another page and it was GONE. X_____X. ASKJL;LDK.

I'm not doing that all over again, DAMMITALL, SO. Highlights.

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Oct. 22nd, 2009 01:33 am
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Y'know, I really liked the pilot ep way back, but the second one bored me and I stopped watching. In a fit of crazed procrastination I caught up recently, and I kinda...well, it's kinda entertaining, XD.

NOT the parts that most people seem to like, though. I mean, I don't know what everybody else is smoking, but I find pretty much all of the main (white, straight, able-bodied) characters boring as hell and/or complete assholes. Um, yeah, even the vaunted Mr. Schu, I think he's a fucking jerk for continuing to lead Emma on, and despite good intentions he screws up a lot with the Glee kids. Finn, Quinn, Rachel, Puck, Terri, all no-goes for me. Pretty much the only "main" characters I like are Emma--guh, Jayma Mays with the Bambi eyes and red bob and germ phobia, she is adorable--and Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch is freaking hilarious in her utter evil.

But...but the side characters are awesome. I mean, my favorite of the whole bunch is the precious, dorktastic, "Other Asian" pop'n'lockin' football player Mike Chang, who has so far had one line and some kickass dance solos, and whose every scene I have re-watched far too many times (HOTTEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW, ZOMG).

But all of those crazy side-characters are great, from Asian Tina (whose stutter is totally not believable, LOL) with the gorgeous voice and far too little screentime to Artie with his guitar and his one-liners (and much better voice than Finn, haha), to Mercedes with her take-no-shit attitude and adorable relationship with Kurt and rockin' pipes, to Kurt himself, that brave, adorable, fabulous boy, even through Matt Rutherford (still no lines?!), Santana Lopez, and Brittany.

Man, I think it's that I didn't really do the whole high school angst and drama thing when I was in high school, I just had a really tight, diverse group of friends that had a blast, and I think that the side-characters could be that kind of awesome group of friends. I would totally watch an entire show devoted to those friends and their glee-club shenanigans! I REALLY hope we get to see more of them, later, and they get better development!!

Otherwise I will be continuing to fast-forward through a lot of this show. >_>

...OK, so some of the musical numbers are awesome. I repeat, some! More than a few suck. But the ones that are awesome...whoa, mindblowing! 0_0 Kristin Chenoweth ep for the musical win! \o/


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