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...By some standards, perhaps I'm completely unqualified to remark upon the last episode in Season 5 of Supernatural, "Swan Song". In October of last year I got frustrated with the online fandom and aspects of the storyline and, without making any particular decision about it, quietly stopped watching. The last episode I saw before tonight was 5x04, "The End", which I enjoyed a great deal.

So I've missed whatever problems that I've heard the edges of, that fandom had with the rest of the season. Monster-of-the-week hunts in the middle of the Apocalypse, too much heated strife between the brothers, the twists and turns and reveals of the myth-arc, etc. I also missed the impassioned, highly polarized, and by turns euphoric and venomous opinions of the individual fans as the episodes aired. Their understandable preoccupations with certain characters, the squeeing, the dissecting of every scene.

And, naturally, the details of what happened.

However. By and large, I consider this to be a good thing, and regardless of my own qualification to speak on the matter, I'm going to say a few words about "Swan Song", having watched it clear-eyed, blank of the layers of bright colors and emotions of immediate context, save for a quick Wikipedia look-up for the episode summaries of the span that I'd missed. I went into it with no expectations on my mind other than, "I want to see how this ends. I want to see what the boys do. I want to see who they are, at the end of this."

That said.

SPN 5x22 )

The End

Oct. 1st, 2009 11:00 pm
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I have no words. I just wanted to jot my initial reaction down quick before I check my flist and other people's reactions inevitably harsh my squee, but SPN 5x04 )

More coherent thoughts later, maybe.

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Had alcohol for the first time tonight. Legally, since it's six months past my 21st birthday, because I am such a straight-laced white hat on the issue. Just a half a glass of champagne, which was both better and worse than I thought it would be. Didn't taste particularly good (no surprise), but I finally understand the phraseology I've always heard/read used with regard to alcohol--that it goes down warm. Because it does, even though the bottle was cold, and isn't that an odd sensation to feel down your throat. Friend remarked that this was why she ended up drinking vodka at 6 AM in the freezing morning in Russia this past year, XD.

I think the resulting good feeling and ease of conversation was due to good company and fun circumstances, and perhaps the placebo effect, because I don't think even a first-timer like me can be much affected by half a glass of champagne, but all around it was a very enjoyable night.

On Supernatural 5x03, I could say more, but I'll (try to) be brief.

SPN 5x03! )

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Great. Just typed a whole long entry and my computer freaked out and deleted it. (sigh) Starting over again...Warning: skip this if you want pure squee. I mean, there is certainly squee contained herein, but it is definitely not all squee.

SPN 5x01 )
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I am posting from my lovely special awesome new laptop, an ASUS K50 series beauty whom I have optimistically named the Andromeda Ascendant, AKA Rommie!

Her only flaws are that she runs Vista (GRRRR!) and that her glossy glossy exterior shows fingerprints if you even think about touching her. But these things are not her fault, precious, no they aren't, and I forgive her, and anyway she comes with a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out in October, and I devoutly hope it will improve on Vista (GRRRRR!).

Also that she was advertised at $499.99, which actually came out to around $720, when including tax, a two-year warrantee, and an upgrade to 4GB memory instead of 3GB.

But I haz a battery that lasts more than 2 minutes! And a screen without fritzed-out lines running through it! And a power-cord connection that does not capriciously shift to my 2 min. battery if you breathe on it wrong and was steadily deteriorating and had already been fixed for this very same problem once and which would not be fixed again!! YAAAAAAY!

In other news, I finally read 2 things that I have been meaning to read for ages and were just as completely awesome as I had been anticipating, or really, even more awesome.

These were

1) Sarah Rees' Brennan's Demon's Lexicon. Ive been following her LJ for years, all through back through her top-notch HP fanfic, so I was utterly confident that I would love her novel, and I did, but I didn't expect to love her characters and her plot twists as much as I did, even though I know she hard-core rocks on characterization and development, and I had been stringently warned about the hard-core awesome of the plot twist. But DAMN! :DDD Highly, highly recommended. Even if, uh, the American cover is pretty wince-worthy. Man, I wish we could've even had the UK cover, or best of all, the Japanese cover, which was done by Hiromu Arakawa, YES the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist! OMG that cover is awesome.

2) Naomi Novak's Temeraire series. OMG. I cannot even articulate how much I loved this series. I bought them on a whim, since I had been meaning to read them for forever, but it was a powerful whim, seeing as how I never ever buy books without having read them first. (I, uh, read Demon's Lexicon all the way through in the bookstore, and then promptly bought it and took it home and read it again. XD)

The world-building in Temeraire is incredible (I love the views of the different cultures and how they each think of and treat dragons differently), and the characters entirely lovable. <3333 Laurence, Temeraire, Granby, Tharkay, Jane, Iskierka, Roland, so many more. (Also Laurence/Granby/Tharkay OTP, and Laurence+Temeraire gen OTP FTW!) I also love how there's really no magic at all, it's just like, hm, what would the Napoleonic War have been like if people had tamed dragons and had been using them in aerial warfare for centuries? It's like a naval adventure story! BUT WITH A DRACONIC AIR FORCE KJDSO:"ADk

As for fandom, the newest-new SPN S5 promo, the one with the music and the awesome, you know which one I'm talking about, SPN-people, has completely blown my mind, and I think for the first time I'm actually anxiously awaiting the new season. Before I was pretty much mellow, it'll start when it starts and it will be epic, but now it's like OMG IT'S STARTING SOON AND IT WILL BE EPIIIIIC. XD

I've also realized that I do not actually dislike Anna, after a serious case of "the lady doth protest too much." I think I just really didn't like 4x10. The ridiculous grace thing and the ridiculous sex in the Impala thing didn't help. But I actually liked her quite a bit in 4x09, and every time after that was colored by my dislike of 4x10, while now that I look at them on their own I do actually like her.

Just, y'know, not with Dean. At all. Really. No chemistry, seriously! I rather like her running about being one of the rogue good-angels helping the boys and being a big sister with way more human-experience to Castiel.

As for One Piece 554...spoilers )

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Holy crap, the test for advanced-yellow-belt (Taekwondo Club) is way harder than the one to move up to yellow belt! Man, I'm going to be feeling it for days. And I know I did so many things wrong! Allow me to elaborate at great length ALSK;SKJD.

I'm still way too inflexible so I have trouble turning my hip over completely to get a properly formed round kick; especially embarrassing when I'm instructed to do a high roundkick to the face and it still ends up being belt level. (Injuries over the past months which have further damaged my flexibility have not helped.) I'm way out of shape so I was dying 5-10 minutes into the test, (unlike normal class, which has natural little breaks for instruction, etc., the test is just GO - GO - GO) and it affected everything onward from the attacking demonstration. Speaking of, I need to whinge about that for a second.

ARGH I was totally crap and unimaginative during the attacking and counterattacking demos, way too much roundkick and fastkick, too many single moves, kept forgetting to include combos and slides and steps and checks, too tentative with ax-kick because I was sure I would hit my blackbelt partner in the unprotected face, (HAH like I can even get my freaking leg up that high, silly me!), my back-kick was gawky and kept glancing off my partner's chest-protector, waaaahhhhhh (WHINGE WHINGE WHINGE).

Oh, and I just had to fall on my ass (OK more like my side) for the first time ever during the belt test. I was moving forward with one leg coming up for a round kick, and my back leg kind of just - followed and slipped and BAM; I'm glad the floors are so padded and I hopped right up but oh my god so embarrassing! I could just imagine the blackbelts thinking, fwahaha, n00b. Not that they would, because they're pretty awesome and supportive, but urrrgh.

And the sparring portion, oh Christ, I should just skip it, I've already unloaded too much of my self-pity. BUT NO, I WILL TYPE ON. Definitely need more practice at sparring (total understatement). It was completely obvious how amateur we were when it was two yellowbelts sparring each other because we kept running into each other and the people behind us in the course of attacking too vigorously and not knowing how to back off when we got too close together or close the distance when we were too far apart. Also, by that time I was so tired that I sometimes couldn't muster the energy to move as I should. It would be like, "Oh, there is her leg coming, it is lifting, I see it, hm, now is the point at which I should be sliding or stepping back out of range - " and then it would hit me in the side and I would attempt a feeble counterkick.

Sighhhhhh. At least I'm good at the kiap (Spirit Yell, like when you think of "HIYAH!" except mine is more just "HAH!"). (sulk, sulk, sulk.)

OK, so I'm sure I did plenty of things just fine, and I was trying my best, so they're obviously not going to laugh me out of the club with a big FAIL stamped on my forehead, but I'm not sure I'll actually pass on to advanced yellow, which is a bit depressing. I'll know in a week or so, I think.

After being beat up at my own test, though, it was kind of fun, commiserating (moaning about how much we sucked) with the other yellow-belt girls -  found out that one of the girls is actually all of 14 years old (0_0) and the other is getting married this summer; she's a doctoral student, I think - and watching the higher belts test, which was much more impressive and hardcore than our test. It was fun cheering on this really nice middle-aged redbelt (only red who was testing); poor man was so exhausted by the time he got to the sparring demonstration, which is even more intense than the rest of it (he had to spar with three different blackbelts in a row, OMG! With them actually trying instead of just being like test-dummies like they were for us!) I felt stupid for feeling so tired myself. One poor blackbelt who was partnering in a sparring test got kicked in the neck and then the crotch/groin area by a slightly overenthusiastic and control-needing advanced-yellow guy, and went down, which was not, actually, funny to watch.

Ack, I'm not really still as upset as I probably sound, it's just kind of embarrassing and frustrating to think about it all again. Okay, OKAY. Enough Taekwondo! Random notes follow!

So I've been over the moon with all of the awesome Dean/Castiel fic that has been coming up lately, (most are tagged in my delicious bookmarks) and I'm gleeful about the epics that several people seem to be making good progress on (to be posted when finished, I assume), and Big Bang coming up and everything. It kind of seems like there's actually more activity than when the season was on! Which is understandable, I guess, and makes me happeeee.

Fingers crossed for a sixth season (rumors abound!) even though I know it's way too early and that it would be a terrible idea if Kripke doesn't stay signed on.

What I can't get squee-ful about, which is disappointing, is all the excitement about the recent convention(s?). This is not because it wasn't awesome, (I'm sure!), or that other peoples' squee is not delightful to read (which it totally is!), but because I've been much too squeamish and embarrassment-squicky about following it too closely, particularly the vids. Especially all of the stuff about Misha (awesome, adorable man that he is!) being a totally insane, hilarious enabler. It is just too much! I can't deal with it! Self, what is wrong with you!

Lastly, [livejournal.com profile] astolat's writing and gratuitous pimping at her journal got me to read American Idol fic again, and google and devour specific performances. ;_; I thought, "The first time, last season, was just a fluke, I never even watch AI, it must've just been the excessive awesome and cute that were Davids Cook and Archuleta, such a thing will never happen again." The lies I tell myself, the dirty lies! How fucking awesome is Adam Lambert? Those pipes, that theatricality! How freaking cute is Kris Allen? OMG. (dies)

Doctor Who

Apr. 4th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Well, after countless hints and and nudges from some of my best friends, I've begun to watch Doctor Who, starting mid-season with the 9th Doctor, The Empty Child, since I've been interested in Captain Jack and I'm of a mind to start watching Torchwood. And holy hells, was that two-parter creepy beyond all reason!! 0_0 With the kid and the mask and the loads of people plaintively asking after "Mummy," brrrrr! (shiver shiver)

Much better than I was expecting, though. I originally caught the revived Doctor Who series when it premiered in the US, and I wasn't too impressed with the weirdness and especially the lame-o effects, but those seem to have gotten better somehow? Well, the monsters still look a bit ridiculous when they're just costumed, but I can forgive that XD.

Now if only stupid Megaupload would stop limiting my downloads...At this rate, I'm going run out of stuff to watch and not be able to download again for ages! >_<

Oh, uh, I haven't commented on the most recent SPN, but suffice to say that I've loved the previous two episodes and am wanting to tear my hair out at the thought of ANOTHER freaking hiatus. Aren't we only supposed to have one mid-season hiatus?!
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Why do I only ever feel articulate enough to post episode reactions when I have ISSUES with an episode? I mean, I seriously love this show. Most of the time I have so much squee that I jump around the room making high-pitched noises and disturbing the hell out of my roommate, but most of my post-age on the topic seems negative, which is just...false impression, wahhh!

...But yes, I am posting with Issues, once again. (hangs head)

Honestly SPN 4x10, Heaven and Hell )
Also, sleep. (sigh) Kripke you frustrating little man. And as the last episode before the Hiatus of Doom, too! (Long face is long.)

Incoherency FTW!...Also, I need more icons.
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Not the most coherent post-episode thoughts. I didn't like this one.
Supernatural 4x04 )
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I don't have time to muse on the entire episode, so I'll just jot down some things that stuck out to me:

Supernatural 4x02 )
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    Really truly not what I was expecting from the long-awaited third season premiere of my very favorite and beloved TV show. Not remotely what I wanted, either.


OK. There. I've said it. Gotten it (mostly) off my chest. Cathartic, but not as much as I'd hoped. I'm still unhappy about it.


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