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Date: 2010-08-28 08:54 am (UTC)
Sometimes it feels as if Oda's going overboard on his stoicism, especially when it's extended not just to the face he shows others but to what we readers get to know as well.

Ohhh man, I agree with this. >_> I think that Zoro may actually be the crewmate that we get the least amount of explicit 'seeing inside his head', both as readers and in what he presents to other people, which is impressive seeing how secretive and closed off say, Robin is about herself and the things she feels. (Although admittedly she's opened up since Enies Lobby.)

With regard to Chapter 438, I agree that it would've been nice to see that touched on more explicitly, just for clarification. I don't know if you care about my views on that, but I always took it as given that he would've been really Not Happy about Usopp not returning and continuing to sail with them. From, like you say, what we know of Zoro, and also his kind of wild, scary grin and 'Usopp...!' at Usopp's screamed apology, and the relieved (and happy, I felt) smile when Usopp and Luffy were blubbering all over each other, even as Zoro was saying they were being idiots, always confirmed that for me, too, but I still agree it would've been great to see it spelled out more clearly. Like...he would've stayed stoic on the surface and remained firm about it if Usopp hadn't shown up, because everything he said still applied and it was Necessary for him to be a hardass about it because their goals, dreams, ideals, bonds as nakama following a captain, etc., would become meaningless if they're not given the weight and respect and consideration they're due and were treated lightly, but he, personally, would still have felt the same loss and sadness as the rest. Usopp's nakama.

Wouldn't hearing the breath of all things come into haki territory, too, much like mantra?

… :Da Huh. I was trying to find a way to fit hearing the breath of all things into the framework of haki, as well, but couldn't figure how cutting steel would fit in when the same ability didn't seem to apply to cutting logia, but I'm starting to wonder if it's just a matter of degree, and 'not yet' and 'more training of the same ability' for Zoro to accomplish that, and relating the breath of all things to haki works for me as well, too, given how Zoro used it to tell where damn near everything around him was in Alabasta when he used it—the falling rocks, his sword under the rocks, etc. :|a I really wish we'd seen the details of him using this ability again explicitly in another situation down the line, because the spots where we've seen 'mantra'-like abilities later on have been really limited in scope (T-Bone on the train tracks, as I mentioned), and not really in combat situations. Although maybe anticipating where fast, Soru-using opponents like Kaku were going to strike and blocking readily would count...? Maybe not, that could just be anticipation that anybody could do.

.....Oh good god, that really turned into an essay, I'm sorry! *____*
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