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Date: 2010-08-28 09:58 am (UTC)
First off, sorry I'm getting to this late, and belated heads-up that I got dragged up north for my grandpa's 80th birthday party, so I probably won't be around very much until I get home on Monday. >_____> I'm grabbing online-time once everyone else has gone to bed.

I knoooooowwww. ;____; I especially feel terrible for like, Franky and Brook, they haven't been with the rest for very long at all. But yeah, just the thought of them being separated from each other that long is kind of painful and 'nooooooooo!!!' Even if I still think Oda has the chops to sell me on it later. HE HAD BETTER HAVE EPIC NAKAMA RE-BONDING TIMES AFTERWARD, and give us moments between each and every one of the crew to re-establish interactions and just. Nnnnngh! They'd better still be the same with each other. ;_____; And same here as to appearance-changes, it's like being on tenterhooks. *___* WHAT IF I HATE THE REDESIGNS? But it's Oda, it'll probably be awesome. BUT THEN AGAIN, HE GAVE THEM THEIR HORRID FIRST TWO SETS OF OUTFITS IN STRONG WORLD. Idek right now, seriously.

Hmmm. Yeah, I didn't see that scene the same way as you at all, I think, and I still can't see it that way after re-reading it just now. Not that we have to agree, obviously, just responding! XD

Anyway, the fact that it's Zoro commenting on the whole of the crew as opposed to everyone else going "I will do this, me me me"—I didn't see it that way, either, not even on re-read. I can see how you would, and taken on its own, I do like that Zoro is shown as acknowledging that, I like that he's explicitly thinking about it, but speaking narratively and in the sense of it being significant that only Zoro is shown to say it? ...ah. Doesn't work for me, not in replacing the poignancy that was in all of the other Straw Hats' scenes, and not as a commentary on Zoro-specific characterization, like he's the only one thinking that.

For me it's the fact that everyone else is also clearly shown to have instantly understood the same message that Zoro is spelling out to Perona that makes the difference, I think. In fact, they were shown to 'get it' before he did. Maybe it doesn't have the rest of them going 'we need all need to improve in order to make it', but the quote from Zoro, 'If we entered the New World now, we wouldn't be strong enough, we have to power up first'...Yeah, that feels like summing up and definitely what the rest of them are also thinking. Like, it felt like Oda was trying to make it significant that Zoro was the one shown explaining, I felt like there should be significance, but the way it was presented, I didn't see it. I didn't at all get the sense that Zoro would be the only one acknowledging that they all needed to improve—like I said, everyone else understood that same message, and then in that two page spread, everyone else also seems to be on the same page, united. So just the fact that Zoro was the one shown explaining/narrating what they're all probably thinking didn't hold emotional water with me.

And your feeling of 'I didn't feel it was necessary to bring up how much Zoro was willing to give for Luffy, again'...uh, I think I addressed why I very much didn't agree with that in the conversation with KJ. >_> I still feel that way. I thought it felt cheap and emotionally discontinuous from the rest of the crew that he was the only one who didn't get some kind of internal recognition/acknowledgment of that aspect (it wouldn't even have had to be remotely as huge as the Kuma one to satisfy me, I just wanted something), and I felt it was different from the Kuma scene.

MINE IS MORE RAMBLY AND DISJOINTED, I WIN, HAH! >.> Sorry if this sounds confrontational at all, I'm not meaning to be and I definitely don't want to take away from your satisfaction in the chapter and the extra meaning you got from it, it's just making me re-examine the chapter and my own feelings on it and I find that—nope, still have issues, darnit. u___u
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