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So apparently I'll just never get tired of re-watching Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy. Which is the documentary made for the 2004 release of the original trilogy DVDs, and is just fantastic about conveying the scope of the movies' creation, and the impact that they had on the world.

That's my favorite part. You go through all the trials and tribulations of working to create the films, everybody believing it would be a ridiculous flop, even the people working on it, one disaster after another plaguing the project, and then you get...Star Wars. And it's such a huge, inspirational phenomenon, a sensation, it gives me warm fuzzies to see videos of the massive lines wrapped around the theaters for blocks, the enthused fans, the way "May the Force be with you" spread as a cult saying, the shock that it was such an enormous success, and just...Well, it makes me bummed that I wasn't alive at the time to be a part of it, hahaha! And then if I'm at home at the time I go and ask my parents what it was like, and they go on about it happily, and I get more warm fuzzies. (Star Wars, along with the Lord of the Rings and various Shirley Temple movies and It's a Wonderful Life, is part of our family's regular re-watch and marathon roster.)

I love Star Wars. I really do. The prequel trilogy, eh, marginally tolerable, but the originals are just special. I can't imagine the world without them. I remember when I saw them for the first time in elementary school, on VHS tapes on our home TV, and for some bizarre reason my parents had me watch Return of the Jedi first, so I was well and truly spoiled for all the twists and turns, (which I'm still a little miffed about, lol), but it was just magical.

Probably like every kid who's fallen in love with them, I wanted to be a Jedi so bad, and spent all of 2nd grade (age 7 or so) playing out an elaborate make-believe with my best friend, in which I was Luke Skywalker's daughter and she was Han Solo's, and we spent every recess merrily whacking each other with sticks and making ridiculously exaggerated lightsaber sounds and constructing elaborate mythology and battling epic villains and just generally having a blast. I think I dressed as a Jedi for something like five consecutive Halloweens, haha. Oh, nostalgia~

In middle and high school I devoured the Expanded Universe books, which I only really abandoned when they introduced the Yuuzhan Vong and started killing off the Solo children that I'd seen born and raised and fallen in love with over the years left and right. I am still so very bitter about that, I cannot begin to tell you. -__- Those books don't exist in my personal headcanon. Revisionist tendencies, what? (/still doesn't acknowledge Sirius' death in HP, *cough*)

It makes me wish there was more good fic out there for it, though, and not just heaps and piles of stuff focusing on the prequels and Obi-Wan. I mean, I loves me some Obi-Wan, particularly Ewan McGregor!Obi-Wan, but I really want epic adventure stories and exploration of Jedi mythology and galactic politics and wanderings into what-if? AUs focusing on Luke, Leia, and Han. And okay, yeah, maybe their kids, too, mostly when they were kids. And I guess the EU is kind of just an enormous authorized fanfic universe for Star Wars and that it fills in a lot of holes that people might want to play around with, but still. And alright, so I've happily read a handful or so of Vader-redeemed rewrite fics, sue me. And a few raised-by-Vader!Luke fics. >.> I think I still have those saved to my hard drive, actually...


Webcomic: FreakAngels
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Steampunk/Post-Apocalyptic Earth
Length: 95 six-page long chapters, currently incomplete
Style: ...I'll just throw up an example of the art, shall I?
FreakAngels3 FreakAngels2
Alright, enough random babble about Star Wars. The actual reason for this entry, which I wanted to make a few weeks ago, is to throw up a quick rec for this amazing webcomic that I was pointed to and, well, stayed up until like 8 AM plowing through because I couldn't tear myself away. XD The art, plot, world-building, and characters are all incredibly engaging. Of course, I also have a huge weakness to stories that take a realistic look at how to rebuild society post-apocalyptic event, both the practical logistics and moral ins-and-outs, and also to well-done, original uses of psychic powers, so this is like, tailor-made for me, haha. It's well-paced and well-developed, and highly recommended. Have a summary or two and check it out if you want. :Db

Official plot summary:  “23 years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment. 6 years ago, the world ended. This is the story of what happened next.”

Another synopsis:  "Freakangels is set in a time after London has been flooded. A group, called the FreakAngels, live in Whitechapel and their life encounters a dramatic bump when a girl called Alice arrives one day, bearing a shotgun and a grievance against one of their number. The plot involves characters "living in a post-flood London that they might possibly have had something to do with."

As the story progresses, eleven of the FreakAngels, who all possess telepathic abilities and some of whom possess other skills, are introduced and their role in the community is expanded. Mostly together, they have created a small (roughly 300 people) civilization, complete with fresh water, watch towers, markets, home-grown vegetables and a medical clinic. However, their society is threatened externally from refugee attacks and internally from personal conflicts and crime.

The story grew out of wondering what would have happened if the Midwich Cuckoos had survived and grown to disaffected and confused 21 year olds, and the comic builds on the legacy of John Wyndham's John Wyndham style of disaster fiction. "
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