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The following is an insanely long ZoSan meme for the [livejournal.com profile] zosan community which I couldn't resist tl;dr-ing in. :)a So if you're on my flist and don't like the pairing, just skip this~

1. First off, in your perfect world, who tops?

Oh man, I'm really switch-y with this pairing, so this is a toughie. I have a hard time believing that either guy's pride would be okay with bottoming all the time, and it suits my love of them being equals and constantly going back and forth when they fight to have them going back and forth in bed as well, so. /o/ No consistent answer here! Maybe I have a slight preference for Zoro topping, if only for the aesthetic of him being bulkier than Sanji, but I'm happiest when Sanji tops a good portion of the time, too. :D

Bonus follow up: Does it bother you if people write ZoSan, for instance, but Sanji is the one topping?

Not at all, and I think my answer above explains why. :)b

2. Sanji’s Sexuality is? (ie: Gay Virgin, Bisexual, Only gay for Zoro, manwhore?)

I waver between “bisexual” and “only gay for Zoro” here, with sometimes a middle ground of “really really really damn picky with guys.” I can see him knowing that he's capable of liking guys as well as girls but never doing—or even intending to do—anything with that part of himself, and I can definitely also see him not really being attracted to guys that way at all. Just Zoro. XD ...Definitely not manwhore. B|

Bonus follow up: If Kuina had lived would she and Zoro be in lurve and have a bunch of babies by now?

>.> Um, I lean toward 'hell yes' for this. Not the 'bunch of babies' part, but she's his flipping ideal woman. If she'd lived I can definitely see Zoro being so fucking in love with her. And it being reciprocated. ...I have less than no objection to Kuina/Zoro/Sanji, though. :Da

3. Mpreg. Who carries the baby?

:| Ehm. I don't really go for mpreg. Either one, I guess.

Bonus follow up: Tell me the kids name (If you say Zeff or Kuina, I demand a second choice as well!), gender, and their future career path as you see it.


4. Why do they fight so much?

Because they irritate the hell out of each other, of course. XD Also, they're to a greater or lesser degree incapable of ignoring each other, they each have habits and viewpoints that drives the other batshit crazy, it's a damn habit at this point, they're secretly ten-year-olds (possibly pulling each other's pigtails >.>), and I fully believe that they both enjoy the bickering and the brawls on some level.

Bonus follow up: After they get together and have the sexings will that change the fighting scenario any?

Hahaha, noooo, or at least not entirely. They'd still have the purely pissed-at-each-other brawls and verbal sparring and insults (why would they ever want to stop!), but there'd probably also be a great leap in the times where the fighting either starts out or turns flirtatious and teasing. I'd say that'd probably turn them both on. :)a Sexy fighting.

5. What role does Nami play in their relationship?

Third member of threesome
*eh-hem* >.> All I know is that she'd be sure to profit off it somehow. Possibly she had a manipulative hand in getting their heads out of their asses and getting them together in the first place, possibly she's just watching the whole thing with amusement and making sure it doesn't affect the way Sanji dotes on her (which it wouldn't), probably she teases them a lot. Unless that would really, actually upset Sanji, in which case she'd probably discreetly turn her eye in the other direction.

Bonus follow up: How about Luffy?

Are you kidding? XD He doesn't care as long as his nakama aren't hurting each other and he gets his pirate lunchbox. They're both still devoted to him and the crew's greater goals before anything else, so there's no problem there, and if he stumbled across any of their hinky business I can just see hilarity ensuing.

6. Who is bigger?

I don't know. :|a I don't really care, either.

Bonus follow up: Who gives the better blowjob? Why? How?

...Fuuuufufufu, I think Zoro would, because he's developed insane skills in learning how to talk clearly with Wadou's hilt clenched in his mouth. Tongue magic, srsly. *__* Then again, Sanji is all orally fixated with his cigarettes, so...Hmmm...

7. If they weren’t with each other, who would you pair them with? (het and/or yaoi)

Zoro I would probably pair with Luffy or Nami (or maybe Mihawk >.>) and Sanji...hmmm. I'm actually reeeally picky with Sanji pairings and don't have a clear second favorite for him. Gin, maybe? XD I don't really ship Sanji with particular women all that much, it just breaks my brain when it's an OP universe law that he must shoot himself in the foot and fail with actually getting one. I can sometimes make exceptions, though, if it's done well. :|a

Bonus follow up: Is there a chance for those 4 to be in an orgy together? What would that be like?

Zoro/Sanji/Luffy/Nami? ...Haha, everything is possible with nakamaship, XD. Although just for the sake of completion—and because I read an amazing OT5 fic the other day—I would toss Usopp in there as well if these four were already going to go at it. It would be...messy and full of fumbling and laughter and bickering and smacking people in the head and tenderness and intensity and...basically like it is normally, but with more sex XD.

8. Who would they want to be the third in a threesome?

Haha, whoops, already answered this one, kind of. >.> Definitely Nami.

Bonus Follow up: Who would YOU choose if you could watch?

>.> Aaaalso Nami. Maybe Ace, alternatively?

9. What is your favorite ZoroxSanji moment?

;___; You can't ask me to choose! ...All of them? I love all the stuff about their first meeting, from when Sanji recognizes Roronoa Zoro the Pirate Hunter's name, to Zoro's response to Sanji calling him crazy, and then Sanji's tense, shout-y reaction to Zoro not backing down and being cut down by Mihawk. I like the first time they fight together against Arlong's minions and you can practically see the unexpected respect and comradeship forming. And I like Sanji waiting with Luffy outside and just smoking silently, listening to Zoro scream as his gaping wound from that is operated on and stitched up by the doctor. And there's this other little moment in the after-celebration of defeating Arlong where they just hang out a bit (before Sanji heart-tornadoes over to a group of women, lmao) that I find really cute.

And then of course there's the Groggy Match during the Davy Back fight which is just. Chock full of goodness. There's also when they arrive at Enies Lobby and the Marines go “look, it's Roronoa, Straw Hat's underling!” and Sanji is like lol, they called you underling, and Zoro goes heeeh, better than being nameless pirate A, and the whole bickering from that. Priceless scene, just priceless. And then “I don't see a dead end...do you see one?” “Nah, I don't see one anywhere.” /CUTKICKSMASH DEAD END TO BITS. 8D And hell, basically every time they just smoothly back each other up, akljsdfsd. And Zoro giving Sanji shit over his bounty poster, and Sanji laughing like a dorky hyena at Zoro's Horo Horo'd “I'm sorry for ever being born” and Zoro grinding his teeth and turning red with anger and embarrassment over that, and of course That Incident at Thriller Bark, hoooohhhh man. *___* ...And I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch, but you see. It's really impossible for me to pick. >____>

ETA: Oh wait! I forgot the part on Water 7 when Sanji backs Zoro up over the issue of Usopp returning to the crew. Love that, too.

Bonus Follow up: Which arc do you think has the most slashy moments between them?

Hmmm. Gotta be Thriller Bark or Enies Lobby, I guess.

10. When in the course of their travels do you think it was most likely that they’d get together?

I'm not sure. :|a I could probably think of scenarios for how it would happen at any point, but...Maybe after Thriller Bark?

Bonus follow up: Do you think they’d keep their love a secret on the DL?

Probably, to a certain extent. Zoro wouldn't think that anyone would have a problem with it, but he wouldn't see it as being any of their business, either. Private shit doesn't need to be waved around. And Sanji...well. XD Yeah, he'd want to keep the others from knowing about it if at all possible, especially the girls. At least until a long time had passed and he got more comfortable with the idea.


1. Do you write fanfic of a ZoroxSanji persuasion?

I've written a couple of drabbles, and I've definitely got other fic ideas for them floating around in my head. >_> A few outlines written of loooong fics that will probably never be fully fleshed out, lol. I do want to write more eventually, though.

Bonus: Pimp yourself! Post link to your fic here:

Here and here are the only ZoSan I've written so far.

2. Have you ever flamed or been flamed by someone?


Bonus: Was it deserved?


3. Is there a new fanfic you are currently obsessed with?

>.> Well, there's that OT5 fic I mentioned, but it's light on the ZoSan. There's no new ZoSan fic I'm currently obsessed with.

Bonus: How about an older one you’re dying for an update to?

Haha, anything by [livejournal.com profile] stark_black *____*

4. Do you have a favorite AU you like to see the boys? (ie: modern day, high school, cowboys, spies)

I have a weakness for modern day and high school AUs, and I'd LOVE to see a college AU, but that's mostly in doujinshi, not fic. Although some of my fic ideas are definitely AU. >.>

Bonus: How about a least favorite one?

...I can't think of any. :|a I love AUs, as long as they keep everyone in-character, but that's one of my requirements for any good fic, not just AUs.

5. Name a fanfic with great porn or a REALLY HAWT scene in it.

Crap, but there are so many good ones. :|a Lessee, [livejournal.com profile] sans_pertinence 's stuff is really awesome, like here and here (yaaaay for top-Sanji! 8D! And beautifully written atmosphere and emotion, all around, in that one), and most of [livejournal.com profile] scuttlebutt_inc 's stuff is amazingly hot.

Bonus: How hot did it make you?


6. What is the fanfic you’ve been the most emotionally moved by? 

OTL I don't know off the top of my head, and I don't have the patience to rummage through all of the stuff I have saved...so I'll just say one of my favorite fics from someone whose ZoSan is, I think, the best I've ever read. That would be [livejournal.com profile] maldoror_gw , and her gorgeous fic Taste Challenge, which, really, is just barely edging around pre-slash toward the end, but it does a beautiful job hinting at all the complex things going on under Sanji's surface and has basically everything I love about the pairing. (I also considered Mal's Like Steel for Chocolate, which is probably my all-around favorite ZoSan ever.)

Bonus: Copy/Paste a sentence or two from a part that moved you.

(Taste Challenge, select snippets from the end scene, rather more than a sentence or two because I couldn't help it >.>)

"He forced himself out of his state of mild panic and took a mental step back. This had all started during that taste challenge. Zoro had wandered into the kitchen while Sanji was sampling the honey- why had he gone to such lengths after that? The truth was, the original reason of humiliating the marimo in some way now looked much, much thinner than the icing on that cake he'd worked on for hours...He kept hearing Luffy say, in that straightforward way of his, ‘No, you made those for Zoro...’

This wasn't just one-upmanship. It wasn't a challenge, it wasn’t a stupid game. Sanji looked inside and found a horribly tangled knot that had been the original reason he'd started all this. There were motivations there he did not want to look at too closely. But there was one reason that made sense, all the way down the Grand Line and the dangers they'd faced together. The kind of reason worth fighting for."


"Zoro was staring at the cake as if it had insulted his swordsmanship, but his voice was oddly quiet. "I rag you because you're a dumbass, but I have never said you weren't a good cook.""


"Sanji pinched the bridge of his nose, longing for a cigarette, but when he spoke his voice was as quiet as it was determined.

"There's nothing for me to prove, because if there's one thing I know, it's that I’m a cook. A damned good one. It’s my job to feed people. I've fed merchants and pirates, thieves and murderers, the innocent and the damned. I've fed the starving and people I knew would try to kill me, and I even gave Momoo the Sea-Cow a good shot, so I'm damn well going to feed you, Roronoa Zoro."

"You've been feeding me ever since you came onboard. I've not been this well fed since I was twelve." It almost sounded like he was blaming Sanji for it.

Sanji shook his head. "I've been putting nutrients into your body - and the way you treat your body, you daft fucker, you need them, but that's not feeding you. Feeding someone is giving 'em a taste of a small joy in life."

Zoro's eyes hardened. Maybe he liked to pretend that apart from boozing, sleeping, training and trying to kill Mihawk, he had no other joys in life. The cook had met enough pirates to know that sometimes, that’s all there was to a guy who lived by the sword. But he’d seen Zoro whoop as their ship blasted off into the sky; he’d watched the swordsman put himself between his friends and danger, watched him laugh with them afterwards...a guy didn’t laugh like that if there wasn’t more to him than three blades and a death wish.

"So that's what I'm going to do, you pain in the ass, because you might be a monumental prick, but you're a guy who needs- who needs to be fed, and you're sitting at my table- and you're my nakama, you moronic bastard, so you're going to eat that fucking cake or I'm going to insert it down your throat and make sure it sticks there. Enjoy.""

7. Name a favorite fanfic or two that has excellent ZoroxSanji nakamaship but it technically not slash due to the author’s leanings.

I don't know~

Bonus: Name an FF writer that you wish wrote ZoroxSanji slash or pornz.

Can't think of any~

8. What is the most ridiculous or OOC thing you’ve ever read in ZoroxSanji fanfiction?

I stay away from OOC stuff like the plague and block it from my memory when I do happen across it, so. :|a IDK, in the specific, but the fandom trope about Sanji being a girly, weepy uke pisses me off (hell no, he's a fucking badass), as does the trope about Zoro being some kind of vicious, rape-y super-seme (uh, no. And also, NO). All too prevalent in the fandom, sadly. Bleeeegh.

Bonus: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve wrote?

Pff. The totality of my ZoSan fic is linked up there, you be the judge, haha!

9. Any ZoroxSanji topics/kinks that really excite you to see in fanfiction?

Skiiiiiip! Although I do like Sanji making the first move. :|a

Bonus: What advice or how-to guide would you give to Zoro/Sanji fanfic writing rookie?

Avoid the above tropes. B| Stay IC.

10. What is a ZoroxSanji prompt you’d love to have filled? 

Hmmmmm. I think I'll go fluffy and say AU childhood friends fic, bonus if it moves into when they're grown up, because...I'm a sucker for it and I've only seen it done in pics or doujin. >.> Yes, I know it's difficult to do without turning saccharine or making them OOC, but I'd love to see it.

Bonus: What would you give to see it done?

Reciprocal fic, maybe? :|a IDK.


1. Do you art ZoroxSanji?

>.> I have not the skills to do so, or rest assured I would be art-ing up a storm.

Bonus: LINK here!


2. Give me a few of your favorite Slash artists.

Urk. Most of my favorites are Japanese fanartists that I know not the names of (my favorite of which is the artist who did THIS, THIS, THIS, and about a million other amazing pics) but I will say that I stalk [livejournal.com profile] sybile 's gorgeous, gorgeous art like mad, and I'm following this one fan doujin on Deviantart that has a lot of ZoSan that I really like. It's called "Shounen Jump a la Mode", by zazkinha, and should come up if you just type it into the search box. :Db

Bonus: Of those which style do you like best?

Of the three I listed here? I'm torn between mystery Japanese artist and Syb. :|a

3. What is your favorite Doujin and circle?

Pirate Ship Noah by Yamato, no question. *____* Although I flail wildly over all of Yamato's doujin, and also love all of Hachimaru and ROM-13's stuff. And also Techniques >.>

Bonus: Do you actually know what’s happening in that doujin or are you guessing?

...Well since it's been scanlated, hahaha, yes, I do I know what's happening. >_> And I know more than a little Japanese, too, so I can make out a good bit of raw doujin in general, depending on how much kanji is used.

4. Link me a favorite pic of ZoroxSanji Genderbent.

I haven't actually seen much ZoSan genderbent art that I like—they're both usually portrayed as waaaayy too OOC for me to like it much—but this one is pretty cute!

ZoSan genderbent

Bonus: Give me another one, this time with nakedness or pornz!

Don't have one~

5. Link me a favorite pic of the two of them bloody or fighting someone.

These two are my favorites. :Db

bloody kiss

you bloody idiot

Bonus: Now one where one or both are dead or near dead.

almost dead

6. Link me to a favorite dirty picture of them together.

>.> Uh, I'd rather not.

Bonus: Now to another one you wouldn’t want your dad or boss seeing you look at.


7. Now link a pic that bothers you in some major way and explain.

I don't have any like that saved. :|a

Bonus: Now a comic about ZoroxSanji that makes you smile.

This is an utterly, utterly adorable fancomic in which Zoro and Sanji go grocery shopping, Zoro immediately gets lost, Zoro gets assaulted by a tiny fluffy duckling with a curly eyebrow who mistakes Zoro for the lost “someone” he was looking for, the duckling (ODDLY, I KNOW NOT WHY) reminds Zoro of Sanji so he decides to help it find who it's looking for in a mind-bendingly cute series of panels, the duckling finds the lost, stoic dog in a haramaki that it was looking for and promptly kicks it in the face because it was worried, the dog placates the duckling adorably, and Sanji promptly shows up after searching for Zoro to parallel that whole storyline. Except it ends in more smooches. XDD Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.

You have to have a Pixiv account to view it, though. :)b

8. Link to a fanart showing at least 2 kinks of yours or a fav AU.

>.> I'll put this one because it matches the fic prompt I gave and...well, it's just adorable.

kiddy crush

Bonus: Link to a favorite art you’ve done, a friends done, or if these don’t apply fav ZoroxSanji icon.

Well, I just made these icons the other day, so I'll go with that. :)b

tackle-kiss snooooze oral fixation

9. Link to an arts that was inspired by or inspired a great fic.

I don't know. :|a

Bonus: Link to an art you would love someone to fic about.

I answered this question already, I think, with the kid one. XD But here, have another one in the same vein as an enticement (also because I'm too lazy to go trolling through my whole folder again, lol):


10. Now post your current favorite ZoroxSanji pic.

I don't know who this is by, and it's kind of borderline ZoSan, but I'm just *____* About it right now. They're so gorgeous, and it's like. One of the few pics I've ever seen that makes them actually look their age. They look like 19-year-olds! Hot, built, capable 19-year-olds. :D ...Although it does make me feel old. :|a

sexy boys getting ready in the morning


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Date: 2010-07-30 05:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] raikomotomiya.livejournal.com
Oh, man, where to begin? Oh I know!



I think listing everything I agree with and am going rock on to, but I'd leave you with an essay that's probably going to be a hour long to read and hours to write just to get things all organized and semi-coherent (and since I'm just off shift... semi-coherency might be a little high to shoot for.)

Switch is love. Switch is so much love. What I like - okay, one of the things I like - about a relationship between Sanji and Zoro rather than say Sanji and Nami, is that the relationship would be one more of equality, in the bedroom as well as the battlefield. Sure the oneupmanship is and would be a major part of any pairing of the two, but I don't see the other allowing things to stay on unequal terms.

You know, as much as I agree that Zoro and Kuina would have been over the moon for each other and would totally jump at well written fic of that pairing, I just tend to read the bond between them as much more familial. Kuina is sort of Ace to Zoro's Luffy. Possibly since I see Koshiro doing a good deal of raising of Zoro, perhaps though more distantly than Zeff was with Sanji. I would kill to know where the boys' parents have gotten off to.

Oh, you're a maldoror and stark black fan too? Man, they're some of my favorites as well.

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Date: 2010-07-30 06:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
XD There is sooooo much gorgeous ZoSan art, we fans are really spoiled, lol!

>.> You should do the meme, too, once you have some more time and are more well-rested, lol. Because I like to read stuff~~ *__* Hahaha!

I love the switch so hard. And yeah, definitely, I love the constant back and forth between these two, it keeps things balanced and just makes more sense for their characters.

And the equality thing is definitely one of the reasons I usually have issues with Sanji/Nami, or Sanji/girls, really. It's not that Nami isn't strong (or girls in general aren't)—she's one of the strongest female characters I've ever read and I love her to bits, but Sanji...He just turns into a willing doormat for her, she always, always has the upper hand, and while that's wildly entertaining and sort of endearing from him while their relationship stays platonic, it starts to bother me if they actually get together. The inequality. :|a (But that's just personal preference, and like I said, there are exceptions, seeing as how I ship them a little bit in [livejournal.com profile] luceti, lol.)

I wish there were well-written Zoro/Kuina. *__* There was one Kuina-lived fic that looked to be heading that way (also maybe Zoro/Sanji/Kuina) being written a while back that started really awesomely, but only one chapter came out before it was apparently abandoned, which made me so sad.

And yeah, I can definitely see where you're coming from. I think it tends not to read so familial to me because...IDK they didn't really seem to have a clearly sibling relationship like Ace and Luffy really obviously did. And I agree that Koushirou was a more distant analogue of Zeff for Zoro, but the distance thing matters to me, and also the fact that he only really stepped up with that after Kuina died. Which. :|a Zoro and Kuina really only got a year or so together, too, which might be another thing affecting it for me. ...And I'm certainly not trying to convince you, aha!! Just exploring what my brain is doing with that pair.

And maaan, I so agree, I really want to know where their parents are. XD I wonder if Oda will ever get around to telling us or if he'll like. Have to answer in an SBS after the series ends, lol.

I LOVE all of their stuff, oh man. SO AMAZING. I'm so sad that Mal has stopped writing fic, her long, plotty, IC goodness was just. Good for my soul. u__u At least stark_black's still coming out with new stuff, though! Yay! \o/
From: [identity profile] raikomotomiya.livejournal.com
I think I'll take a crack at it on the weekend. It hopefully won't be as bedlamly at work as it was this week. *KNOCK ON WOOD*

I think Oda's going to have to publish at least a novel to satisfy fan demand for all the various tidbits that go into his wonderfully cracktastic world he's cooked up. Because he won't stop being pestered till he does.

But if nothing else, more backstory on the boys is needed. I'm a little hopeful for Zoro getting a little more background, given his cameo in the Sabo flashback arc and since I think he got shrifted the most backstorywise of the Strawhats.

*nod* Well not clearly developed, but be it love romantic, familial, or a solid friendship/rivalry, something was certainly cementing fast and hard. If there wasn't, I don't believe that Zoro would have strove to fufill his promise and achieve their dream with quite the same tenacity and drive.

I can see how the time thing would work against such a view, but I also think of what they shared. A practical obsession with each other over who would be the best. I'm running back to Sabo, Ace, and Luffy and the nakama themselves. I don't think the brothers got too much time together before the Sabo incident, and looking at the One Piece timeline (sketchy at best, I know) the nakama haven't been sailing very long either. It's what they've gone through and experienced together that have built the bonds they share.

And no, I'm not trying to convince you either. ^^ This is good to sort out the mess in my own head about why I think what about this and that.

Oh, Koushiro's very distant, I agree (and a rather unsettling Stepford Smiler to boot), and I suspect in his own way possessing the same brand of tact and bluntness as Zoro. More of an enigma now that we know of his connections to the Revolutionaries (perhaps this is why he's the only Strawhat living mentor/parent to not meet Luffy? Cause everyone else still kicking, from Zeff, to Kureha, to Gen - has) and you know, I'd like to know more about him too.

Nami is fierce, and yes, she pwns all (except when Robin's on her game), and Sanji's both sigh worthy failtastic and kinda adorable how he goes about worshipping her and submitting to every bit of manipulation and use from her with hearts and a Nami-swan. But. Relationships just don't work like that. Not the stable healthy ones. I don't think Nami would be happy for one. I don't see her wanting a doormat for a partner (and she needs someone to tell her no from time to time and stick to their guns), and as much as she loves to be waited on and get her way, a relationship all about her would be horribly onesided. And she wouldn't like that. Yet I don't think she'd stop using and manipulating Sanji (and of course he'd let her), and that would open up vulnerability to a whole world of new world of hurt. And underneath all the hearts and Nami-swans, he might start feeling resentful. But he'd take it.

And that's a recipe for disaster.

So am I. Hamon is one of my absolute favorites. Not only good, plotty, IC goodness but juicy, detailed worldbuilding goodness too. Sitting down to her writing was sitting down to filet mignon in comparison to the usual fast food fic fare. (Oh lord, the cooking references are popping up like mad now. Sanji really is on the brain.)

I know. I'm particularly looking forward to the next chapter of 'The Nature of Things.' That collaboration between Sinisterbug and herself is really something else.
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
/Also knocks on wood. :)b I hope work has been going well for you, too!

...I would so totally be okay with something like a Comprehensive Guide to One Piece by Oda, with all of the expansions and stuff. That would be amazing. And agreed, I think of all the Straw Hats he was the one that we still haven't gotten Luffy...I don't know, helping like he did the others, which is odd considering how close he and Luffy are. I mean, obviously Luffy rescued him from the Marines, but he didn't have that kind of vulnerability and need for a push as the rest did at some point... :|a Well. I guess he kind of got that push extremely gradually, over the course of the series, given how we see he's changed when he sacrifices himself on Thriller Bark, but it's different somehow.

Hmmm, yeah, I can definitely see what you mean. Bonds form pretty quickly in OP, and that doesn't affect their strength at all. And reading other people's meme answers has also made me think about how the rivalry could be more problematic for the Zoro x Kuina pair than the ZoSan pair, given their goals, so. :|a Interesting to think about. And HMMMMM, I totally agree about Koushirou. :Db I really wonder if he'll come back into play somehow, although most of me doubts it, since it seemed like he was just re-supplying the the Revolutionaries rather than being heavily involved...

...ILU for this paragraph. It's like you distilled all the times I've thought long and hard about this pairing and why it generally doesn't work for me (because I don't like not knowing why I instinctively avoid something) and put it into much more coherent words than I ever could. I agree so hard, I've heard proponents of the pairing always saying that Nami would love to be treated like a princess after the life she's lead, and I agree that she enjoys how Sanji treats her as it is now, but not that she would ever want it to go further than that. She'd know it was unfair, and just, this: I don't see her wanting a doormat for a partner (and she needs someone to tell her no from time to time and stick to their guns), that's exactly how I see it, which is why I like her best with Luffy, and then Zoro after that. The dynamics just work better for me. Also agreed on the possible-resentment from Sanji, depending on how things played out. :|a

Oooo, yes, I just re-read Hamon a couple of days ago, and it's just as amazing as the first time I read it. So solid, and yes, the worldbuilding. It just feels real, and right. (XDD yaaay for cooking references, hahaha!)

*___* YES. The Nature of Things. I've forced myself to stop checking for updates every other day, but it was hard. I really like get-together fics for ZoSan that are as far from easy as possible, because...it just can't be easy, not with how they are, I think. And that fic is a really unique—not to mention hot >_>—way of going about it.


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Date: 2010-07-30 07:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pi90katana.livejournal.com
and because I read an amazing OT5 fic the other day


Also, as much as I love ZoSan nakamaship over the rest, I'm always finding fic for the pairing that just works. I think Mal's Like Steel for Chocolate is my all time favorite of these, which I see you already mentioned.

As for the gen stuff between them, since you left that blank, have you ever read any of Xparrot's stuff on FF.net? She has two really amazing (and complete!) nakamaship fic between them. OH. And Cairnsy has an awesome one-shot as well- /just shuts up before you have fifty fic recs

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 07:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
Oh man, that fic killed me SO DEAD. *___* I was just flailing over the whole thing, hahaha, THANK YOU FOR LINKING ME TO IT 8DD!!

Yep, Mal just gets them so right, I love it. And there's quite a bit of good fic, yes, lol.

Oh Xparrot! Yeah, I've read most of her stuff, and I think I know the ones you mean, although I read those a while back, which is probably why they didn't come to mind. >_> One of them was...it had "Seven" in the title somewhere and was about Sanji having to endure a ceremonial cleansing for touching a princess or something? :|a And I don't remember the other off the top of my head, but yeah, Xparrot's stuff is great! :DD

...B| Hand over the fic recs, woman, before you get hurt. *grabby hands*

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 09:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pi90katana.livejournal.com
Seven Deaths and Bound & Determined, yus. So awesome~ I especially like the last one.

UH. HOLD ON. There's like a million. You'll have to settle for .5% today, I'm afraid.

Captured by Cairnsy.

Sanji is Gay by peroxidepest17 (She's so popular I wouldn't be surprised if you've read this one).

Afterparty by Naye. I may possibly be addicted to Post-TB stuff. >.>

Journey Through an Enchanted Wood by orange-smaug. Interesting AU-sih kind of take on things.

Sanguine by chibi-trillian.

Random drabbles: Why Zoro and Sanji can never be gangsters, Cross My Heart, Hope to Die.

Since you mentioned Kuina, have a short little one with Sanji too called Insisting.

Oh yeah. And I remembered another swordfic I like: Only Competent.

AND I WILL SAVE THE REST FOR ANOTHER TIME. You got most of my faves here anyways. /rolls

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 09:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
I'll have to find and re-read them, I'm shady enough on the details that I think it'd be like new. :)a

And FFFFFFF I've only read one of these before (Journey Through an Enchanted Wood); you are a gen Zoro+Sanji nakamaship goddess~!! ♥♥ These are all completely amazing; the crack is obviously fun but the more serious fics are just—perfect. Their dynamic is so interesting to explore, and haha yes, Post-TB is a goldmine for complicated under-the-surface goings-on, and Afterparty is awesome. I've always been interested in what went on with them post-Arlong, too, when they're just getting to know each other and yeah, it seems like they'd have baggage to work through, so Sanguine is just. *___* And Only Competent is creepy and an intriguing take on things. :)a Hurrah for sword-fic!

/waits for 'another time', XD! So much rec love, thank you, Pi!!

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 10:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pi90katana.livejournal.com
FFF And I only added Journey Through an Enchanted Wood because it seemed like one people have rarely read!

I highly rec all of the authors up there - most of them write other fics with Zoro and Sanji that are great. In particular I rec peroxidepest. She has like... oh man, she's probably reached a hundred or so, since most of them are drabbles. I didn't put more of her stuff on here simply because she's great at writing all of the characters and will probably make my official rec list many, many times.

You're welcome~


Date: 2010-07-30 08:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mishagirl.livejournal.com
AWESOME! You filled out my meme! I'm working on it now myself! I love the arts you mentioned and the doujin...and I think we agree on topping and some other stuffs but I think comparing will be FUN!

Ooo! Fic I never heard of! Love being introed to new stuff!

*will finish my meme tomorrow*

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 10:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
XD Thank you for putting it up, I'd been vaguely wanting to tl;dr over them for a while! I could still go on, actually, but the meme ended, lol. And hurrah for finding other people who like switching!

Haha, oh man, I thought I'd only named staples of the pairing here, glad to highlight something new for you!

And woohoo, I look forward to reading it!! :Db

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 09:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] horusguard76.livejournal.com
Oh, I adore you so much for this post! Thank you so much for such the art collection of sheer awesomeness! <33

Love the fanart, haven't seen some of those drawings before. *happy*

And word! on [profile] maldoror_gw being one great writer when it comes to creating a world which grips you emotionally and in regards to plot. I forever adore her for her CP9 fics in particular. (and then when I read up on her other works I realized that she had written one of the best sagas in the Naruto universe, too. Errm, sorry for that mini derailing.)

I totally agree with you that Zoro and Sanji are one of the best examples of being 'switches'. I personally I can't stand the idea where a pairing is reduced to a strict top/sub idea. Actually, in their case that diminishes their beautiful dynamics. ;)

Nami is one of the characters I can truly see with the two of them as well. The same goes for Ace. Maybe even Robin (although I rather see her with Franky than with anyone else.)

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 10:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
Yay! Glad you liked it!! And if you liked the art, you might want to search 'ZoSan' on Photobucket, there's a lot of good stuff people have saved on there. :)b

Oh man, Mal's CP9 fics! Completely amazing, I think that was what I read from her first and I was just shocked and in awe at how in-depth she got into these side characters, building their own personal universes, etc. She made me actually like them, haha, and I was so happy when I found out she'd written ZoSan, too. (And if you mean her Lee/Gaara fic Diplomatic Relations, then don't mind that derailing at all, because I loved that one, too! XD Never expected to, considering the pairing, but yes!)

Yeah, I don't really get the permanent top/sub idea, either, and especially not for Zoro and Sanji. Just like you said, it diminishes their dynamic, cuts off whole sides of their characters, and what I like about them together is that they can be completely themselves.

I'm a little iffy on Ace, myself, mostly because he...really didn't interact with the other Straw Hats basically at all (I usually go off manga canon rather than anime for this) but it sure would be pretty, and his mix of laid-back and reckless might mesh well with them, theoretically. :)a But yes, I do love Nami with them, she just has interesting chemistry with both of them individually, and can definitely hold her own when dealing with both of them together, so having her in the mix would shift the dynamic in intriguing ways, in my opinion. :D As for Robin...hee. Scuttlebutt_inc has an awesome Zoro/Sanji/Robin fic that I feel is pretty in-character for how that relationship would go. I don't know if I believe it would last, but it would be soooo interesting while it did. (And haha, I also like her Franky. XD)

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-04 02:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] horusguard76.livejournal.com
Oh! Now I didn't know that about Photobucket. I have never searched something there before, thank you for the tip! :)

Yep, that's the one I was referring to. I was already aware of that pairing before I read her epic story about Gaara and Lee but her writing really made it all plausible in my head. *g*

Very true, in canon Ace didn't have much interaction with the Strawhats and I admit that I can be picky about a fanfic where he is put together with Zoro or Sanji without any sort of solid backstory (if it's AU then please always give it a rock solid backstory, that usually makes sure that details check out and even a character's weird or unusual choices can be understood.)

Oh! I haven't run across that fic then! Thank you, will go and check out the goodie with Robin and our two gorgeous men. :D

Ahh, I lost my heart to Robin and Franky when he stood before her and saved her from the Marines' bullets. And catching her a moment later. I might have squealed and sighed at the same time too! XDD

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 10:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] poutergeist.livejournal.com
woooow. you have beautiful art here =_= i'mma save them as well okie?~♥btw, in your genderbent pic. Is it just me, or does Sanji look a little like Nami?

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-03 05:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
:Db Feel free! And hahaha, I don't know, he looks pretty Sanji-ish to me! XD

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 02:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hirama-kyousaki.livejournal.com
Uwah... I hope you don't mind me saving some of those pretty pics you post there XD.

I was gonna do the meme but then some of the questions really made me went 'umm...' so I'd rather not... ORZ.


(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-03 05:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zhadra-ahni.livejournal.com
Of course I don't, I'm not the one who made them! XD Share the love!

Ahahh...>.> That's why I skipped quite of a few of them, so I don't blame you!

THEY ARE SO AMAZING. *_____* Every time a new one gets scanlated I just do an insane victory dance, hahaha.


Date: 2010-08-03 02:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mishagirl.livejournal.com
Oh I LOVE the arts. I don't think I've read some of the fic you mentioned so I must read soon....

I too would love to read childhood AU!

Mine is here: http://community.livejournal.com/zosan/296120.html


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