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Apr. 4th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Well, after countless hints and and nudges from some of my best friends, I've begun to watch Doctor Who, starting mid-season with the 9th Doctor, The Empty Child, since I've been interested in Captain Jack and I'm of a mind to start watching Torchwood. And holy hells, was that two-parter creepy beyond all reason!! 0_0 With the kid and the mask and the loads of people plaintively asking after "Mummy," brrrrr! (shiver shiver)

Much better than I was expecting, though. I originally caught the revived Doctor Who series when it premiered in the US, and I wasn't too impressed with the weirdness and especially the lame-o effects, but those seem to have gotten better somehow? Well, the monsters still look a bit ridiculous when they're just costumed, but I can forgive that XD.

Now if only stupid Megaupload would stop limiting my downloads...At this rate, I'm going run out of stuff to watch and not be able to download again for ages! >_<

Oh, uh, I haven't commented on the most recent SPN, but suffice to say that I've loved the previous two episodes and am wanting to tear my hair out at the thought of ANOTHER freaking hiatus. Aren't we only supposed to have one mid-season hiatus?!


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