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Date: 2010-08-27 03:12 pm (UTC)
Wheee, I love reading other people’s thoughts on OP stuff. *__*

Okay, I AM SO STUCK ON THE ‘TWO YEAR’ PART. For exactly the reason you said, that they haven’t even KNOWN each that long. That has me going LKAJSHDKLJASHD way more than the fact that we’re missing two years, I just can’t believe THEY’RE missing two years. AHHHHHHHH IDEK. It’s weirding me out. And I’m pretty terrified about any appearance changes he might give them. And also excited, but like...I’m so used to how they are already, ahah. So I keep going back and forth between YAY and OH NOES on that. Gah.

You know, it didn’t even register with me that Zoro didn’t get a flashback until I saw someone else pointing it out. >.> We’ve had that flashback-to-them-joining scene come up so many times that by now it’s just kind of like we know. ...For me, anyway. I kind of felt like in place of that Zoro got the two-page spread with the rest of the crew. Which isn’t the same as a flashback or anything, but I interpreted it as...hm, how to explain this. Everyone else is saying they need to get stronger for Luffy, and it’s all “I will do this, me me me”, but Zoro is the one acknowledging that the whole crew has to improve. “If we entered the New World now, WE wouldn’t be strong enough, WE have to power up first.” It might come off sounding like he’s just summing up everything for us, but that it’s him doing it, the first mate, next-in-command, etc, it makes it feel a little more important. So okay, we don’t see him remembering Luffy specifically and having this emotional I WILL DO THIS FOR YOU~ moment, but we DO see him thinking about the entire crew instead, and I really liked that. We already knew just how much Zoro was willing to give to see Luffy through on his journey anyway, I guess I just didn’t feel like it was entirely necessary to bring it up all over again. So even though he didn’t get that same send off, I was satisfied with the fact that Mihawk knew exactly why he was asking anyway and then Zoro explaining it to Perona later just added to that, and then the nakama spread with him talking over it... I was happy with it. Zoro bared his soul once already and he’s still dealing with the aftereffects of that, so it’s not like anyone has had a chance to forget that Zoro is pretty damn dedicated to his captain.

THIS IS SO RAMBLY AND DISJOINTED, sorry if it makes no sense! I’m sneaking writing it at work, durp. >.>
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