I love rambling, especially intelligent and thought-provoking rambling, so yaaaay! :Db Um, massive tl;dr in response probably indicates that, lol. >.>

I'm super-glad that our back-and-forth could provoke some thoughts! I'm actually always a little surprised to hear people not think Zoro is a leader-type, but I probably I shouldn't be since I also see him as baseline comfortable as a lone-wolf, more inclined toward and content with being on his own, though as with Johnny and Yosaku it's clear he's alright with traveling with people, too. I think it's more that he has plenty of the qualities necessary to be a leader (natural confidence and decisiveness, etc.,) and they pop up quite readily and without effort and make people look to him when he's put in a situation where there's a need for someone in the leader-role but it's currently empty (with Johnny and Yosaku, or when Luffy isn't around, with the rest of the Straw Hats.) I classify him as a leader-type because of that, since even lone-wolves get put in group scenarios sometimes and when they do the underlying leader-or-follower inclination tends to come out, and lone-wolves just generally don't tend to 'follow', in the first place. And the vice-captain needs to be a leader-too, to an extent, for things to work. For example, Rayleigh and Ben Beckman, I would probably quantify them the same way.
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